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Water Softener
Bidet ( Manual )
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Operating Water Pressure 0.07-0.98 MPa  
Operating Temperature 2 C - 80 C  
Resin Type NA  
Resin Capacity 1.5L  
Water Softening Capacity 900L / regenerate  
Regeneration 350g / recycler  
Dimension 490mm(W) x 150mm(H) x 510mm(D)
Net Weight 7kg  
Price Outright RM2,100
  Monthly Rental RM75
Mood Lamp
The blue lamp on all sides illuminates when the system is on.
Purity Level Indicator
A dust sensor and a gas sensor constantly check the indoor air purity level, and indicate it by color.
Automatic Air Flow Control
The purifier automatically converts to a power-saving mode according to the indoor air purity level by dual sensing (Dust and Odor Sensor).
High Speed Mode
The purifier has a high speed mode when there is an occurrence of strong odor and harmful gas to quickly purify the indoor air.