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Outdoor Water Filter
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Colour Chrome
Filtration Method Polypropylene, Microfiber Filter
Power Consumption Heater -
Compressor -
Tank Capacity Room Water (1.4L), Cool Water (4.8L), Hot Water (3.6L)
Ambient Water -
Cold Water -
Hot Water -
Filters & Sizes 20,000 Litres Hour
Dimension 325(W) x 325(D) x 745(H) mm
Net Weight 00kg
Price Outright RM2,700
  Monthly Rental -
P5 Membrane ( 5-Layer Polypropylene Microfibre Filter)
Contaminated water will go through 5-layers of high-density Polypropylene microfibre filters with gradient pattern and delivery to plumbing system as 5.0 micron water which is clean enough for various household activities.
Free From Blockage
the P5 membrane with 5.0 micron pore size effectively block the large particles at the first layer and thus prevent blockage in the inner layers.
Non-chemical Material
The P5 membrane is free from lubricant, surfactants, antistatic agents and other foreign chemicals.Therefore, it saves the water from secondary contamination.
Stainless Steel casing & Double Lock System
Low Initial Water Pressure
Apollo P0E10-A allows Water pressure as low as 20psi to flow in through the valve, In other words, it is suitable for residential area or tall buildings with low water pressure.
High Flow Rate
The large capacity allows high flow rate up to 20,000 liter/hour to ensure there is no delay in water delivery.
High Efficiency Back-Wash System
The gradient design of the microfiber filters allows sediments easy to be flush out through backwash system.
Cody Service
Our Cody will privides free maintenance service to your outdoor filter.That's mean you don't need to do cleaning by yourself !.