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Colour White
Filtration Method Reverse Osmosis System
Tank Capacity Main Tank (3L), Cooling (2.3L), Heating (1.2L)
Neo-Sense Carbon+Polyethylene 8"
Membrane 20GPD 8"
Post Carbon Carbon block 8"
Fine 8"
Ceramik Assembly
Hourly Purification Capacity
3.2L / day (25 o C, 20psi )
Dimension 304(W) x 440(D) x 510(H) mm
Cock Type Electronic
Net Weight 18.7kg
Price Outright RM3,700
  Monthly Rental RM 120
Air-tight Tank
Special sealing is applied to the water tank to keep it from the secondary contamination that may caused buy dusts, ants and other alien subtances.
Power saving mode ( Night Mode )
Built-in Micro processor changes the operation mode depending on the surrounding light intensity and water temperature in order to save the electricity energy consumption.
Dual Water Level Controller
In order to prevent water overflow, safety block with double air bladders are applied
Overheating / Overcooling Prevention
The product stability is enhanced by the function preventing the damage including power consumption in case of excessive cold water and automatically interception the heat in case of overheat.
Automatic Water Temperature Control
To deliver the best possible water temperature, a special micro-controller monitors the whole water purification process at all time.
Low water Level Sensor
In case of low water level due to the suspension of water supply, the heater is stopped so that the power consumption is reduced and the stability of product is strengthened.
Advance Anti-Bacterial System
Filter itself is also venerable to micro organisms.By using Ceramic Filter in the water tank, microbial growth is effectively controlled.