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Lombok II
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Colour White
Power Consumption 72W
Dust Collection Method HEPA ( High Efficiency Particulate Air)
Filter Pre-Filter, Legionella Filter,Anti-Flu HEPA Filter, RDB Plasma, Catalyst Filter, AC Deodorizing Filter
Air Flow
Max.7.1m 3 / min
Dust: 234 ft 2 / Smoke:247 ft 2 / Pollen:256 ft 2
Safety Device Power shuts down when door is open
Dimension 476 (W ) x 700 (H) x 292 (D) mm
Net Weight 12kg
Price Outright RM3,300
  Monthly Rental RM 110
*CADR: Clean Air Delivery Rate Certified by AHAM
RBD Plasma System & Antibacterial Catalyst Filtering
Coway's unique technology of RDB (Resistive Barrier Discharge) plasma & catalyst filtration system enhances the power of oxidation and sterilization and the ability of decomposition for harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde,germs and virus.
Rhythmic Cleaning System by Turbo fan
The turbo fan increases the clean air flow rate for nature-like fresh air as your home is an enclosed system and the air within it is circulated throughout.
Eliminate Cigarette Odors Within Minutes
The deodorizing function is improved by using AC deodorizing filter which traps smoke particles and other undesired odors in minutes.
Futuristic Air Quality Indicator
Air quality indicator provides visible color changes in accordance with indoor air quality levels detected by dual air quality sensors through futuristic LED display.
Cluster Negative Ion Generator
Air Purifier generates cluster negative ion eliminate activated oxygen and static electricity for clean indoor air.
Let's Talk about the Design
Conceived by globally recognized consultancy IDEO, the AP-1008 design is inspired by nature itself and kindles images and sensations of pristine air,tranquil environs and fresh ocean breezes.